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Tax Advisory

Taxes are important for your business, so make sure you follow the rules and pay as little tax as possible by conducting effective strategic planning.

It's important for business owners to know about the different types of business structures. Whether you operate as a sole trading business, a company, a partnership, or a family trust, your choice affects things like how much tax you pay, what kind of paperwork you need to do, and how much it costs to set up and run your business. If you're not sure what's best for your business, we can help.

At Gordon QC Du & Associates, our tax advisors can give you advice on how to structure your business in a way that fits your goals, both now and in the future. We can also help you figure out the best way to handle financial decisions to reach those goals by offering you the following benefits:

  • Helping you understand how business decisions affect taxes.

  • Keeping you informed about changes in tax laws that affect your business.

  • Minimizing taxes where we can, for both you and your business.

  • Finding potential ways to save money on different types of taxes.

  • Making sure your business's assets are protected.

  • Reviewing how your business is structured now and setting up new structures if needed.

Because tax laws are always changing, our team is committed to staying updated through training and support. This helps us give you accurate advice when you need it.

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