Trade Mark COVID-19 Helpline for Australian small to medium businesses

IP Australia (Intellectual Property) has introduced Trade Mark COVID-19 helpline that provides free support and assistance for small and medium businesses that have been affected by COVID-19.

The benefits of the helplines:

· All helplines are experienced trade mark examiner who will provide you with up to date information.

· It includes registering any new trade marks, and how to cover any new goods or services for your existing registered trade mark via a new application.

· It is one of the main elements in helping business sector during the pandemic

· IP Australia remains transparent in helping businesses and are devoted to its stakeholders and other interested parties in such uncertain times.

The service does not guarantee registration of your trade mark. The trade mark fees, however, might be waived or refunded to assist businesses that have been affected by it. For business and legal advice, it is better to work with intellectual property attorney or a specialized business advisor.


· For the latest advice, information, copy and resources, go to:

Business continuity and the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Feel free to contact us at or (08) 9345 0499

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