Super for Employers

What is Super?

Super is the money you pay for your employees to provide for their retirement.

Do you have to pay super?

· If your worker’s salary/wage is $450 or more (before tax) in a month, you are required to pay super obligations for their retirement on top of their wages.

How much and how you have to pay?

· The SG is 9.5% of ordinary times earnings (OTE) such as commissions, allowances and shift loadings

· Pay at least 4 times a year, quarterly periods

· Report super electronically in a standard format, meeting Superstream requirement

· Super payments must go to payment funds or employee’s chosen fund

Requirement for super eligibility:

· Domestic workers

· Works for at least 30hrs/week

When you do not have to pay super:

· When employees are foreigners who holds visas and entry permit

· Non-resident employees working outside of Australia

· Members of Army, Naval or Air force reserve

· Employees temporarily working in Australia who are covered by a bilateral super agreement

· If you are covered by SG employer shortfall exemption certificate to the employee


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