Research funding for faster, simpler COVID-19 tests

The Medical Research Future Fund has granted researchers more than $2.6 million to develop a new, simpler Australian pathology test for corona virus (COVID-19). The funding will be used to help maximize Australia’s capacity to test patients for the corona virus.  

These projects will increase Australia’s ability to conduct widespread testing for the diagnosis and clearance of the corona virus. 

Four projects will be funded: 

  • The development of a new simpler Australian corona virus pathology test that will address forecast extraction reagent supply issues through a technique that uses locally manufactured reagents and a different chemistry to current testing methodologies. This new methodology would enable a result within 30 minutes of receipt of a specimen with minimal manual handling.  

  • The development of new corona virus testing protocols to enable more individuals to be tested simultaneously, while minimizing the number of consumables used and maintain the current turnaround times. This is a one-step test which can be produced and carried out in Australia. 

  • The development of a deployment framework for newly approved corona virus serology tests. Serology tests can be used to retrospectively diagnose patients who have recovered from the corona virus or who have an asymptomatic infection.  

  • Post-market assessment of new corona virus rapid screening tests to inform their best use. 

Working together, we will beat this corona virus outbreak.


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