Public Liability Insurance

What is it?

Public liability insurance or simply public liability is an insurance that covers your business for losses or damage to a third party as a result of your business activities.

Should you have it? What are the benefits to you?

Depending on which state in Australia the company resides in, it might be a statutory requirements to have an insurance. Nonetheless small to medium companies are strongly encouraged to obtain it to protect their business in case of accidentally causing any damage to individuals or their property.

Some industries that operate in public spaces such as constructions, factories or public gathering are more volatile to the risk then others, because they interact more with public. Therefore having this insurance will ease the potential financial burden should the company face.

Type of insurance?

There are many types of insurance package ranging from short-term (2-6months) to yearly package (1-5 years), what it covers and their associated cost. List of covered elements include:

  • Any type of stakeholder (supplier, member of community or public, employees, partners)

  • Any type and scale of damages or injuries

  • Cost of hiring a law firm

  • Financial cover

List of trustworthy insurers:

  • Vero Insurance has over 180 years of experience, one of the top 5 insurer in Australia, 2020 winner of Business Insurer of the Year and 2019 RM Advanced Awards Winner.

  • AIG an international recognized insurer with operations in 80 more countries and 60+ years of experience in Australian market.

  • Berkley Insurance Australia is part of the W.R Berkley group worth of US$20.5 billion in assets and has a significant portfolio of business in Australia. They have wide range of products suitable for small-medium business.

  • Relyon Insurance is a smaller insurer but more specialized in public liability, with better price range starting from AU$47.95 per month.


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