Phase 3: Gym, beauty salon and border openings

Western Australia could ease more corona virus restrictions lifted in just three weeks as the state looks to move to phase three earlier than planned.

State Premier Mark McGowan said that June 8 is the tentative date of when the next set of restrictions could be eased.

This would see businesses such as beauty salons reopening and border restrictions relaxed. 

‘In the next round, we are looking at things like borders, beauty and barbells,’ Mr McGowan told The West Australian.

‘The dropping of some of the state borders, particularly towards the north.

‘And the further expansion of the number of people who can go to restaurants and cafes and pubs.

State Premier Mark McGowan revealed on Saturday that June 8 is the tentative date of when the next set of restrictions could be eased and beauty salons could reopen.

Mr McGowan said that in the next phase gyms could reopen and border restrictions could be relaxed.

‘So as soon as I can do it within health advice, we will do it and it will help us get our economy up as quickly as possible and create jobs and get people back to normality.'

There is no word yet on when phase four of restrictions will be eased. 

The McGowan Government initially announced that phase three would be expected four weeks after phase two.

Phase three could also see contact community sport permitted again and an increase in the number of people that can visit homes.

There is no word yet on when Western Australia will go to phase four. Pictured: a coffee shop during the height of the pandemic.

The government is under pressure to pull back restrictions quickly in order to aid businesses.

North West MLA Vince Catania said towns in the north rely on tourism and it is important to consider when easing COVID-19 rules. 

On Friday Mr McGowan said there were just seven cases of corona virus left in the state and none in WA hospitals. 

The last person being treated for COVID-19 in hospital was discharged on Thursday night.

Under phase two, due to start on Monday, West Australians will be encouraged to go back to work.

Group gatherings will be limited to 20 people and residents will be encouraged to take regional holidays. 

Up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings and outdoor funerals.

Pubs, bars and cafes are limited to 20 patrons and the four square metre should be adhered to.  


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WA announces phase three of easing coronavirus restrictions plan could be in just three weeks

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