JobKeeper guide – sole traders

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Check your business is eligible

Check your business meets the eligibility requirements, including the turnover test. The turnover calculation is based on GST turnover. This applies even if an entity is not registered for GST.

You can use the basic test to determine your fall in turnover. If you don't meet the basic turnover test, alternative tests are available for some cases when turnover periods are not appropriately comparable.

Consider whether to nominate yourself as an eligible business participant

Consider whether you will nominate yourself as an eligible business participant.

Get advice if you need it

Get advice from our services if you need help. We can enroll, identify and declare for JobKeeper on your behalf using Online services for us.

Feel free to contact us at or (08) 9345 0499

If you have employees

You also need to:

  • Check your employees meet the eligibility requirements and for which JobKeeper fortnights. You must pay your eligible employees at least $1,500 (before tax) per JobKeeper fortnight to claim the JobKeeper payment for that period.

  • Re-hire or re-engage employees you let go or stood down as well as pay them if you want to claim the JobKeeper payment for them.

  • Notify all your eligible employees that you are intending to claim the JobKeeper payment on their behalf and check they aren't claiming the JobKeeper payment through another employer or have nominated through another business.

  • Send the JobKeeper employee nomination notice to all your eligible employees to complete and return to you before you claim JobKeeper payments for them. You can either:

- Use our JobKeeper employee nomination notice

- Create your own employee nomination notice if it is not practical to have each employee complete and return the ATO version to you. This will allow you to use your own portal or communication channel to obtain this information.

  • Make sure you keep the completed notices on file.


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Feel free to contact us at or (08) 9345 0499.

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