Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a convenient manner for helping employers to report payment information to the Australian Tax Office every payday. If there are any false or misleading statements while you progress, make sure you fix it in a required period of time to avoid a penalty. Below are some notes for correction.

Inaccurate employee information

Should the employee year-to-date data you last sent to the ATO does not match the information in your payroll system, you should submit the updated information to them either within 2 weeks of the need for a correction being identified or in the next regular pay event where the affected employees work uninterruptedly.

Wrong categorization with no additional payment

It’s when you previously reported information under an incorrect item, then no additional payment is made to the employee. As the above error, you also can correct this problem in 2 moments. It can be the next regular pay cycle report for the employee or an update event within 14 days of the misclassification being found.

Over-payment found within the same financial year

If an over-payment is found in the same financial year it was paid, the employee will only need to repay the net amount of the over-payment which is received by them. Make sure that the correct amounts recorded will be sent to the ATO (the employee's year-to-date values do not include details of the over-payment). It can be fixed in the next pay event or use an update event.

Use faulty ABN or PAYG withholding branch

When you realize that you reported under a faulty ABN or PAYG withholding branch, you should re-report under the correct number and also fix the other faulty sent information from the wrong ABN / PAYG. You can handle it in the next pay event or use an update event.

Please note that you should not use a full file replacement. In majeure case, you only use it to replace the latest pay event.

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