Fair Work Ombudsman

What is Fair Work Ombudsman ?

It is an independent statutory agency of the Government of Australia that serves as the central point of contact for free advice and information on the Australian national workplace relations system.

What is their recent activities?

There are 2 things they are focusing at the moment:

· Strengteining the focus on JobKeeper for the current financial year

· Evaluates the underpayment situaiton of the employees

The Jobkeeper focus arises from the COVID-19 situation and the rise of the number of employers and employees seeking our assistance.

The head of the agency, Sandra Parker, stated “Some of our priority sectors have been seriously impacted by the pandemic and are under considerable financial strain”.

She also emphases the business’s financial position and viaibility to ensure those who needs the JobKeeper the most, will get it first.

Evaluation of the underpayment situation of the employees

The agency also mentions the necessity to investigate the allegations of employees being underpaid even with the jobkeeper scheme.

“More than 60 businesses have come forward to self-disclose workplace law breaches, with a total of half a billion dollars owed to workers — and that’s just what we know about,” Ms Parker said.

This is extremely unethical, not to mention it violates the Fair Work Act therefore large organisations need to place a higher priorirty to pay their employees fairly.


For more detailed information, please go to: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/

Feel free to contact us at office@gordondu-associates.com.au or (08)9345 9499

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