Easier access to the JobSeeker Payment

Establishing a new, time‑limited Coronavirus supplement to be paid at a rate of $550 per fortnight. The expanding eligibility to income support payments will be paid to both existing and new recipients of the eligible payment categories.

Payments will commence from 27 April 2020.

From 20 March 2020, Sickness Allowance was closed to new entrants and was replaced by the JobSeeker Payment.

The Government is making sure those receiving Jobseeker Payment can be done flexibly and safely. Services Australia has effective measures in place to detect those seeking to defraud the social security system. Anyone fraudulently claiming payment will need to pay the money back and may face imprisonment.

Faster claim process

From April 2020, Services Australia encourages new applicants to claim through on‑line and mobile channels to reduce the need to visit a Services Australia office.

If applicants do not have internet access, they can claim over the phone to ensure timely access to payments.

Streamlined application process

In order to make it easier to claim, JobSeeker Payment puts several simplified arrangements, including:

  • Employment Separation Certificates, proof of rental arrangements and verification of relationship status.

  • Job Seeker Classification Instrument assessment for those people who have recently left jobs, recognizing they are job ready.

  • Job seekers to make an appointment with an employment service provider before they can be paid.


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