Data breach guidance for business

A data breach occurs when confidential taxpayer information has been accessed by an unauthorized third party.

This information may include:

  • Employee payroll, tax, and superannuation information.

  • Confidential business documents.

  • Banking details.

How we protect clients affected by a data breach

Additional monitoring processes

When a breach has occurred we will continue to monitor any impacted ATO records to ensure transactions on these accounts are accurate.

If we identify any irregular activity, we may contact you to verify the accuracy of the information provided or legitimacy of any account activity.

This may delay our processing of income tax returns and other forms.

What these means for you:

  • Your record may not be accessible through our online channels or myGov.

  • Pre-fill data may not be available.

  • We may prevent business activity statements from issuing automatically; you will need to contact us before each lodgment so we can generate these statements.

  • We may stop income tax returns and other forms for verification; this may delay our processing of these forms.

Appointment of a data breach manager

In some cases we may assign a data breach manager who will assist you in the management of data breaches within your business. The data breach manager can provide support to lessen the impact of the data breach on your business and your client.


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