Australian Government partners with private health sector to secure 30,000 hospital beds and 105,000

Government has guaranteed the viability and capacity of the private hospital sector, in an agreement that will ensure over 30,000 hospital beds, and the sector’s 105,000 skilled workforces, is available alongside the public hospital sector.

In an unprecedented move, both overnight and day hospitals, will integrate with state and territory health systems in the COVID-19 response. This will strengthen Australian COVID-19 response, and preserve the sector’s capacity to resume hospital services after the epidemic.

The Commonwealth will offer agreements to all 657 private and not-for-profit hospitals to ensure their viability, in return for maintenance and capacity during the COVID-19 response. 

In conjunction with Commonwealth, State and Territory Health Ministers, private hospitals will support the COVID-19 response through services including but not limited to: 

  • Hospital services for public patients (both positive and negative for COVID-19).

  • Category 1 elective surgery. 

  • Utilization of wards and theaters to expand ICU capacity. 

  • Accommodation for quarantine, isolation cases where necessary, and safety procedures.

Australian Government is underwriting the future of the private hospital sector to: 

  • Ensure health network capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  • Provide workforce retention that includes medical, nursing, clinical and ancillary staff to preserve the private hospital sector. 

  • Allow activities such as non-urgent elective surgery to resume and accelerate at the appropriate time, once the COVID-19 pandemic recedes.  


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