Accessing online services with a Basic myGovID

You can use it with a Basic identity strength to access some of our online services including the Business Portal and Online services for agents.

  • If you are authorized as a Basic user by a principal authority or authorization administrator in Relationship Authorization Manager (RAM) (these authorizations need to be renewed every 12 months).

  • If you meet additional proof of identity requirements.

Once you've completed the authorization, the representative will receive two emails:

  • An authorization request and code to accept in RAM

  • A request to complete proof of identity requirements

However, you may be unable to achieve a Standard identity strength if you are:

  • An offshore employee.

  • A non-resident working in Australia.

  • An Australian without the right identity documents.

You don't have an Australian TFN

You'll need to send the certified copies of two identity documents. These documents must be:

  • Certified as true and correct copies of the original document

  • Translated into English (if in another language) and certified as a true and correct copy by an authorized translation service.

If you would like your documents returned, you will need to request this at the time of lodging and include a return postal address.

Accepted documents

One of two identity documents must be a primary document. The different types of identity documents are:

Primary documents (provide at least one)

  • Australian full birth certificate.

  • Australian passport.

  • Foreign birth certificate.

  • Foreign passport.

Secondary documents

  • National photo identification card.

  • Foreign government identification.

  • Marriage certificate – if this document is provided to verify your change of name, it will not be classified as a second document.

  • Driver licence.

Change of name documents (if applicable)

  • Change of name certificate.

  • Marriage certificate.

  • Deed poll.

Certifying your documents

Documents in languages other than English

If you provide documents that aren’t written in English, you must also provide an English translation made by an approved translation service.

You have an Australian TFN

Once you have accepted your authorization in RAM, you need to complete a Proof of Record Ownership over the phone and confirm your association with the business or entity.

Access restrictions

Business Portal

You will not be able to:

  • view, add or update Financial institution details

  • view Statement of account

  • view, add or update tax roles

  • add, update or cancel registration details

  • access other users mail

  • lodge  

- Early stage innovation company report

- Small business super clearing house

Online services for agents

You will not be able to:

  • add, update or cancel client details

  • add, update or cancel registration details

  • bulk download client lists

  • add or update financial institution details

  • add or update tax roles

  • submit payment plans

  • update practice default communication details

  • lodge

  • Small business super clearing house

- Super ENCC and RENCC election form

- TFN declaration.


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